• LA International Dairy Competition Winner!

    My oh my, what bling!

    We've never entered our ice cream into the Los Angeles International Dairy Competition before, but we figured, what the hey, we'll give it a shot. We sent in six of our flavors, and we're ecstatic to get six medals back!!

    We're now sporting five, shiny new gold medals for our Zanzibar┬« Chocolate, Chocolate, Old Fashioned Vanilla, This $@&! Just Got SeriousTM and new Lemon Poppy Seed.

    Our new and improved Strawberry ice cream, which now has zero artificial colors added to it, earned us our snazzy silver medal.

    Thanks for trying and enjoying our beloved ice cream, LA!

  • Winner Winner Ice Cream Dinner!

    Aww, Madison, you're making us Blush! For the second year in a row we took home the Gold Medal for Ice Cream in the annual Best of Madison contest. We're pumped to be able to make batches of delicious ice cream everyday, and even more pumped about the fact that you enjoy sharing it with us. Thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for us!

  • New Flavors

    We have exciting news for your tastebuds - we've made batches of FIVE brand new flavors! Visit a local business that serves our ice cream to try:

    Lemon Poppy Seed

    All-natural, fresh and bright lemon ice cream speckled with poppy seeds.

    Chocolate Cherry Bomb

    An Explosion of rich chocolate flavor, loaded with chocolate fudge and brigades of black and maraschino cherries.

    Red Velvet

    Rosy-red ice cream with a smooth cocoa flavor, and swirled with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate fudge and brownie chunks.

    Taffy Apple Italian Ice

    Crisp green apple Italian ice swirled with ribbons of gooey caramel. Contains dairy.

    Black Cherry Soy

    Vegan sweet black cherry ice cream with boat-loads of whole black cherries.

  • All-Natural Flavors

    Our list of entirely all-natural flavors with no artificial sweeteners, flavorings, colors or preservatives is ever growing! Got that? Zip, zilch, nada, no lab-born ingredients in your tasty scoops of any of the following:

    Carrot Mango Italian Ice
    Cookie Dough
    Door County Cherry
    Lemon Italian Ice
    Lemon Poppy Seed
    Vanilla (Dutch Maid, French, Old Fashioned, Bean and Custard)
    Zanzibar┬« Chocolate

  • Ice Cream Cakes Available

    Pick up or custom order a scrumptious, super-premium ice cream cake from Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream for your next event! Ranging in size from Babycakes to half-sheets, and only limited in style by your imagination, these cakes are perfect treats to celebrate birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays or just the end of another work week (woohoo!). Check out more details here.

Wisconsin-Made Ice Cream


Have a birthday coming up? Pick up a handmade ice cream cake or order a custom one with your favorite flavor and a unique message from one of our Madison shoppes!


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