• Happy Holidays

    This may be a bit Old Fashioned (Vanilla), but we wanted to thank you for such a fantastic year. You’ve set the (Zanzi)bar very high as our loyal customers. We have nothing but Heaps of Love for you. You’re truly the Ultimate (Oreo), and we wanted to Espress(o) our appreciation. It’s (Vanilla) Bean a great year and all we can say is Yippee Skippee!  You’re most certainly the (Chocolate Cherry) Bomb. We hope you have a wonderful (Cappuccino) Break and holiday season, and enjoy time with those closest to you. We could (Brownie) Cascade you with compliments all day, but instead we’ll end with a simple thank you, and happy holidays.

Wisconsin-Made Ice Cream


Have a birthday coming up? Pick up a handmade ice cream cake or order a custom one with your favorite flavor and a unique message from one of our Madison shoppes!


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